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 This site has been established by your Oregon state NSCA delegates to communicate to the sporting clays shooting community. The calendar of registered events and results are updated regularly. In addition, meeting notices and other announcements related to the NSCA are posted here. We will be soliciting your input regarding any proposed NSCA rule changes and any other items that affect Oregon sporting clays shooters.

Please check back to this site regularly for updates. If you have questions or concerns relating to sporting clays in Oregon, please relay them to us. Please check out our Facebook page for the latest information.


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 Please check the calendar regularly for updates and results.

2024 Oregon Sporting Clays Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame committee is pleased to announce the 2024 inducees into the Oregon Sporting Clays Hall of Fame. Service: Phil Morgan for his efforts in rebuilding the Sporting Clays program at Tri-County Gun Club. Shooting: Ron Edwards for his shooting achievement. For more details on their accomplishments, please click here.

2024 Oregon State Championship News

Many thanks to the Creswell Board of Directors for stepping up to host the Oregon State Championship this year and doing a great job as usual. In addition to the 200 target main event, they held additional side events: a 100 target Super Sporting, a 50 target True Pair and a 50 target 5-stand. The results are available here on scorechaser.

September Shoot at Redmond Rod and Gun Club Canceled

Unfortunately, the Redmond Rod and Gun Club is no longer able to host the September shoot due to lack of volunteer staff.

2024 Oregon State Championship News

Many thanks to the Creswell Board of Directors for stepping up to host the Oregon State Championship this year.

Latest NSCA Rule Changes adopted by the EC and Delegates

Summary of Classification Changes:

Starting January 1, 2025: NSCA will remove E Class. All members in E class for both 12 gauge and sub-gauge will be moved up to D class and start with zero (0) punches.

A new member who has never shot any registered clay targets will be assigned Class “C.” (Old rule was assigned Class “D.”)

Starting January 1, 2025: New punch requirements to punch up in 12-gauge class.

D – C   – 4 punches (old was 6 punches)

C – B    – 6 punches (old was 8 punches)

B – A    – 10 punches (old was 12 punches

A – AA    – 14 punches (no change)

AA – Master    – 20 punches (no change)

On January 1, 2025: All members’ sub-gauge classification will be automatically re-classified to one class lower than their 12-gauge classification UNLESS their current sub-gauge classification is equal to or greater than their 12-gauge classification.

A shooter’s sub-gauge classification may never be more than one (1) class lower than their 12-gauge classification. As a shooter moves up in their 12-gauge classification, their sub-gauge classification will automatically move up also, starting the new class with zero (0) punches UNLESS their sub-gauge classification is:

        o already one class lower than their new 12-gauge classification

        o equal to their new 12-gauge classification, or

        o higher than their new 12-gauge classification

Effective immediately, a shooter may request a 1,000-target review of their sub-gauge classification ONLY if their sub-gauge classification is equal to or higher than their 12-gauge classification.

Rotation Rule Change

In European rotation shoots, effective immediately, rules require there to be a minimum of three shooters per squad. This was previously two. The rule now states:

    European Rotation – Individual competitors or groups of three (3) through six (6) competitors will proceed to the various stations at random. Groups may shoot in any order of rotation selected by the shooters and may change the rotation from station to station. In European Rotation, a shoot start and shoot end time will be established. It will be the responsibility of each shooter to complete the entire event between these times.

Rotation of Squad Positions Change

At a squadded event, the change requires squads to stay in rotation order and rotate at every station. Previously, shooters have not been required to rotate. This change is also effective immediately. This text will be added to the rule:

    Once a rotation of shooters is selected and shooting commences, the original first shooter will rotate to the last shooter position; the rest of the shooters on the squad will move up one position, thus rotating the first shooter position at each subsequent station throughout the course.

2023 Oregon State Team

The 2023 State Teams have been published by the NSCA. Congratulations to all! The team listing is available on the recognition page of this site.

Oregon NSCA Funding Notice

In 2020, Oregon’s Gun Club Owners, Managers and NSCA Delegates decided it was time to create a sustainable means to fund our expenses such as; website domain fee, web master updates/maintenance, engraving of our State Champions plaque and now we’ve added the Hall of Fame inductee honor awards. In total our annual expenses range from $760- $960 depending on the number of HOF inductees that year. Therefore, it was decided to assess a OREGON NSCA fee of 2-cents per registered target at ONE shoot each club hosts annually. The State shoot is excluded. Also, individuals can make donations at the annual state shoot if they choose. This assessment will create a stronger, more sustainable Oregon NSCA organization.

2024 Oregon State Sporting Clays Championships

Congratulations to Austin Pittman, the 2024 Oregon State Sporting Clays Resident HOA and Runner up Erik Gehrke . The full results for all events can be found on Score Chaser here.

A big thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers at Creswell Clay Target Sports for their hard work in putting on this great event.

Congratulations 2024 Oregon State Championship Oregon Resident Winners


Austin Pittman


Erik Gehrke


Jonathan Hussain


Wyatt Ormsby


Max Kitzmiller


Charles Hartmann


Lee Remmers


Jeremy Brester


Derek Snow


Trinity Serafin


Chase Krouse


Austin Pittman


John Murphy


Richard Locke


John Sullivan


Carl "Skip" Zapffe